You love the sea and new challenges? Take a dip into the fresh world of surfing! With us surfing is suitable for everybody. The pace of the lessons is always adapted to the level of the students. Once we see you get the hang of something, we’ll move on to the next step.

You kick off the first lesson with a theory part on the beach that takes about 15-20 minutes. We’ll talk about the material, safety, currents and surf rules. After theory and practice ashore, it’s time to hit the sea! Here you turn theory into practice. Jump and stand on the board, control it and read the waves. And maybe you’ll already be surfing down the line. 
Can you already do all that? Then perfect your bottom turn and learn to ride a barrel!

Our lessons are based on the BSA system (British Surfing Association). We aim to get you to the level where you can safely and independently work on your surf style. We have a unique teaching method. And our enthusiastic teachers will be right next to you in the water. With this personal attention in small groups you will learn to surf quickly and easily.


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Prive €65,-
Kids €20,-

Vanaf 8 personen €25,- pp
Vanaf 20 personen €20,- pp

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